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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Write in PINK

How will we help women see the Buddy System in print

  Write about the Buddy System in pink, or for women!

I would love people to write about the Buddy System for women. Who cares? Women? Men who care about women? Children who love their mothers, aunts, sisters? 

Where do we need to write about the Buddy System for women? Girl Scouts, churches, schools and hospitals since these are the institutions where women work and participate! Social media, newspapers, magazines, journals, bill boards, plays, movies, soap operas, radio, television can use information that has been written about the Buddy System.

What kinds of things need to be writtten? Encouragement? Ways to use the Buddy System! How to use the Buddy System with safety awareness, and self defense. The need for safety awareness is lower when you have 2 or more people in many circumstances.