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Friday, February 16, 2018

#PonchoPower, #AutoharpsNchurches, #BuddySystem

 I agree. France has no comparison to the US in guns. Still a man got on a train in Amsterdam prepared to kill everyone on the train. Three unarmed men disarmed the shooter. Guns are not necessary for disarming a shooter. People still have knives and other tools of violence. I understand what the NRA stands for, and it is about the tyranny of government as much as defending life and limb that they want guns. I was taught to secure your weapon. I didn't have mental illness, or parents with mental illness. Many people do have mental illness and parents with mental illness. I teach the Buddy System to women because it is not in print for women in the same volume for women as for men. Police, military, hunting, and 15 activities that are male dominated print articles about the buddy system daily, weekly, and monthly. Men would riot if you tried to take the Buddy System away from them. Women not so much. An article in 2009, and a couple in 2016 because of taxi driver rapes were published for women. There is no comparison that men have social and written cues to use the Buddy System far and above what women are told and read. I say write Buddy System in pink. Get the point across. It helps women more. The Tree Mother, Wangari Matthai taught planting trees and the buddy system in Africa. Both deter rapes. South Africa planted millions of trees in 2009, and other countries are exploring bamboo for fire and charcoal. Not much is written about the Buddy System yet on any continent. Prove me wrong, please. I will thank you.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Men would riot if you took the Buddy System away from them.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Collage Feb. 8, Michael's Hiram, GA


Thursday morning, February 8, at 9:30 am next week I would like 5 to 10 people to come to Michael's and make a collage of some pictures and stickers and funky lace and edging to make a mini-collage for the Buddy System. Cost? Free! Where? Hiram, Georgia Michael's. Time? 9:30 am 
Subject: COLLAGE
Cost? Free
You get to take your collage home!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Sound healing


What do you see? A pretend prisoner. A Ripley's Believe it or Not, and a Carousel with a child riding if you look carefully.  A sign and place. This is safety awareness in a picture. Notice the re-enactor is looking at the carousel with the child instead of ahead where he is going. This is safety awareness. What do you see when you are out and about?

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Products for Facials $2568.00

HAPPY VALENTINE'S Day!   What are you doing extravagant  for VALENTINE'S DAY?

Pick up at: Douglas County Sheriff's Office 
Address8470 Earl D Lee Blvd, Douglasville, GA 30134

This benefits Fear Thou Not for #BuddySystem for #Women #Metoo. 

No returns and no refunds. I wish this had been clear when Spades Cosmetics in Miami sold these to me and before I found out my sister bought as many products too. Great gift for Valentine's Day coming up or for your new business doing facials. None of the spas in my Douglasville, GA use these products, so you would be ahead of the game. Miami, New York and Atlanta have one place where these products can be purchased. 

Three brands: #Truffoire, #Kristals and #Celestolite

Double the price, because there are 2 of each!

1. Cleansing set: $248 each ($496 for both)

2. Eye serum $400 each ($800) for both

3. Ruby Super Thermal Repair Mask $1399.95 ($2799.80)

4. Ruby Super Facial Nourishing Cream $1099.95 ($2199.90)

5. Ruby Super Facial Serum  $1299.95 ($2599.90)

6. Rock Crystal Instant Skin Polisher $189.95 ($379.90)

7. Celestolite Cosmic Wrinkle Plumper $995.00 ($1980.00)

The total is $11,255.50 for online prices.