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Thursday, August 25, 2016


 What can be done to bring attention to the Buddy System for women? A sticker on a phone? A protest march of one person with a Buddy System sign in front of a courthouse or in front of a capitol? A song, a book, commercials, a news report on the radio, television, movies?

I know, quote Bible scriptures about the Buddy System in church? Who will do THAT? Male preachers for other men? 

Women preachers for all the women in churches? School principals for all teachers and women students? Women in hospitals to all the other employees since most administrators are still men? Congress is still mostly men, and the Supreme Court is still mostly men, and the Presidents are all men in the USA. 

Brainstorm and get back with me?

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Buddy System for the Phone sticker

Imagine how many people see your phone. Now imagine how many people would read "Buddy System" if you had a sticker on the back of a cell phone. That is what I would like to sell for $1 each. 

Do you care about women's safety? Get a sticker that is a pink Buddy System sticker. Where to get one? Charlotte Fairchild, Fear Thou Not, P.O. Box 1803, Douglasville, GA 30133 USA. Send a check or $1 for each sticker you want, and then I will mail it to you in a STAMPED, SELF-ADDRESSED ENVELOPE.

Today someone who works in domestic violence got one at Home Depot. I hope she puts it on her cell phone. I have one on the back of my car. 

Saturday, July 2, 2016


Because of the changes in Europe now with the vote for England to leave the EU, many people are seeing more hate crime and prejudice. #SafetyPin is for people to make a statement that they are not racist and will talk, be nice, helpful and willing to sit beside or eat with anyone who is not the same.

 What do you think about wearing a #SafetyPin?

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer time and the livin' is SCAREY

   Livin' should be easy, and it "ain't" since this is the time more people get out and are active.
 There is no sign other than mile marker 42 for the Buddy System. "Entering Wilderness Use Buddy System"  like the wilderness ever raped anyone?

Can we put that on the signs, to use the Buddy System? No one is reminding or telling women to use the Buddy System. When I call a friend, she doesn't know that I could be hurt, so she says no to shopping with me. So I quit asking. Does this sound familiar? Only family puts in the effort to help each other, if people are in a family where people care. It has been 2 years since Tina Waddell was attacked.  and 10 years since Jennifer Ewing was attacked and killed. 

These women could be you, if you are a woman, do your best to avoid being mugged, attacked, killed and raped. Learn self defense, be safety aware, and use the Buddy System. Pray that God protects you and take up your cross and follow the advocate.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

If you cannot find your sign, get a new one

 I have looked everywhere and I cannot find my sign for the Buddy System. I am going to buy a new one!