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Monday, February 1, 2016

Buddy System Sign

  This was taken with bronze statues in Jacksonville, Florida. I go to conferences when I can. This was when we were visiting family in Jacksonville. The sign reminds people to use the safety of the 2 in and 2 out that Firefighters use, and the Buddy System that Law Enforcement, Military, fishing and hunting and kayaking, and scuba diving, and sky diving and anything that revovles around men. Men aren't abducted and raped, so why don't women use this secret defense men use? Don't blame a victim for being alone. Encourage people to look out for each other and use the Buddy System. Businesses would make more money if people "brought a friend."

New Bike Route

  Not much interest in people walking?

 Remember when the kudzu crashed and there was a landslide in several places along the Silver Comet Trail? Kudzu is heavy and not the answer for soil erosion from land slides. I had pictures of people walking and riding when this was not done, and there were signs to stay off.  People really did not want to follow rules.