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Friday, September 25, 2015

Cuddle Harp or Cuddle Park?

   Sunday 4 pm at Piedmont Park at the Drum Circle near 10th Street I will bring my autoharp and teach people to play my autoharp. 

Friday at 4:15 pm near Seaboard and Depot Drive Hiram, GA Silver Comet Trail. 

If it is raining, I won't be there at either place. I will be at the movies!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Paulding County Arts & Crafts Festival

 Instead of Busking for donations/tips (look up Busking in Wikipedia) I had a drawing for Fear Thou Not 501(c)3 EIN 27-0321298 for donations. So, one young man wanted the watch and bought 4 tickets. Other people bought one, or just gave donations. ($6.00 for tickets) $9.00 for just donations. The woman who won the watch told my husband she didn't need it. So the young man will get it. He plays percussion for the Spartan band. I have his picture on Pinterest because he played autoharp twice and really liked it and a flautist named Anna filled out three tickets and then put the blank tickets in the plastic container by mistake and so the only one I have with his name is the one he filled out and I cannot read it really. She is young and was distracted by stuff. 

So today I plan to go to a high school and give it to the band director to give it to the guy in the picture. Someone on Facebook donated the watch. I am proud of them. They use the Buddy System. Now if they could get the old timers to use the Buddy System, we would be ahead of the game.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Verify police with this phone number. 

 Verify police with this phone number. Important for women to know. Some men pretend they are policemen so they can abduct, rape or kill. For a woman alone, this is important to know. Men can also use this number. I wish women did not need it any more than men, but we do.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Paulding Meadows Arts & Crafts Festival 2015

 My first year at the Festival! I was there all day Saturday, and I forgot to bring seeds and an extra chair. So I stopped by and got the chair and then spent all day sitting and playing autoharp and once in a while people would put money into a jar to win a watch. So I made 7 dollars for the nonprofit, and I only spent $75.00 for the calendar for the Sheriff's ad for Fear Thou Not for women, and $40.00 for a Buddy System sign. If I had not  brought a bunch of stuff and I had just busked, I would have done a lot better! I think.

If you read Murder on the Silver Comet Trail and you find the page Al Gore is on I will send you a book marker if you make a comment on this blog, or the most recent blog (next year, or whenever!)!

Monday, September 7, 2015

If all the Pathways/Trailways signs included the Buddy System for women

 Would it change anything? I have noticed it doesn't make more people wear bicycle helmets. Why do we expect a sign to make a difference in the Buddy System for women who are at a higher risk of rape, abduction, mugging, and battery? 

To think that this would make a difference and no one is doing anything about it means maybe it wouldn't make a difference? Women are more at risk in a parking lot.