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Thursday, April 30, 2015

V is a lovely sound

 Valentines are present year round. Hearts became popular many years ago.This never made it to post. I have been playing with ad malware and the success of publishing has been slow but sure.

Z zzzz snooze

 We snooze after the April blog challenge is complete.

Did I visit enough blogs! Never! Did I learn from other blogs? I should say so! I want my blogs to challenge, and to receive more responses and for people to comment. 

Now I go to explore more blogs!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Xrombone Drawing at Music Guru

  Xrombone is a Trombone in a drawing to raise money for the nonprofit Fear Thou Not, a nonprofit that promotes the Buddy System for women. If you are in a church and would like to ask me to speak, please do. If you are an employee in a hospital and want me to speak about the Buddy System, and if you are in a school as an employee, and you want me to speak at your School, please contact me at Charlotte Fairchild, or in the group Buddy System on Facebook. My email is as well. Go by Music Guru and put in a dollar for the silver Xrombone!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

V is for Vixen, or the plural of Fox

   Vixen are fox in plural. What does the fox say? Ylvis. I just learned about them recently. Two guys who are on television and on Youtube and who sing to the Prime Minister of Norway and who are on television in New York. 

What will it take for women to start telling each other to use the Buddy System? Is it important that Girl Scouts and Brownies don't have a patch/badge for the Buddy System? Is it important that churches, hospitals, and schools don't have the Buddy System in their literature for women? What will it take for women to wake up and realize that men know the importance of the Buddy System, so it will help them?

Friday, April 24, 2015


 U-haul is teaching people a little bit with their information on the trucks and trailers that go from place to place. 

What little thing can we do that will transform the world? Knowledge about some trivia that changes the world? Who would begin telling people to use the awareness, Buddy System, and self defense to make a difference?


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seatle

Did Meg Ryan use the Buddy System in her movies? Was she ever in a terrible movie?


Below is the copy for an article about the trombone at Music Guru.
​ The silver King trombone hangs alone at the new Music Guru store​ in Hiram on 92. My father bought it for top dollar after his first heart attack. He was so proud that he only paid $2000.00 for it. I had the brilliant idea that I would have a drawing and help Music Guru with exposure. The drawing is April 30 at 3:00 pm.

The trombone is to help the nonprofit Fear Thou Not, which does a few ministries including education for women about the Buddy System, and Poncho Power. We cannot get too old, too wrinkled, fat and ugly to be safer. We need to be alert (Holy Spirit for some), use the Buddy System and use self defense. Women who use the Buddy System are less likely to be targets of violence. Women who are making ponchos for women to breast feed or for women with breast cancer are empowering themselves to directly help someone, instead of donating and never seeing where it goes. The idea comes from the movie "Pay it Forward" with Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt to directly help people. You are not just giving a dollar for this drawing. Someone will win a trombone.
The Buddy System is about women walking together in places that are isolated or crowded. Having someone to watch your back is commonly found in the literature that  revolves around men. Fishing, hunting, scuba and sky diving, kayaking, military, law enforcement, and other mostly male organizations, (including the Boy Scouts "Patch" for the Buddy System) all ingrain the Buddy System into males everywhere. There is no sign on the Silver Comet Trail saying to use the Buddy System. Too many women still walk, run, ride, skate alone on the Silver Comet Trail.

Most women don't realize that it is a warrior's tool to have someone watch your back, and to keep you covered. There are many cries for independence, and there are women upset that so much violence is directed to women who are alone. On some campuses women cross out the Buddy System signs for women and write "STOP RAPING US." They don't want to use the Buddy System because it is not easy to find people who value them and take the time to be safer. They also do not realize that males hear and use the Buddy System so much more than women so women rebel as though it is just for thier inconvenience.
Our hospitals, schools, churches (Luke 10:1) do not tell us that we need to use the Buddy System consistently and there is no earning a "Patch" for the Girl Scouts for the Buddy System like Boy Scouts earn!
Women are more powerful when they use the Buddy System. Men do not use the Buddy System because they are wimps!
I walked to Jennifer Ewing's memorial on the Silver Comet Trail once with a friend named Kathy on the anniverary of Jennifer's death in 2006 on the Silver Comet Trail. Our pictures are on the blog in the older posts. Kathy's adult son wouldn't go with us. He was busy. So we were aware, we used the Buddy System, and we took our cell phones and before going we watched the video and had a kubotan and a knife each in our hands. We brought a dog with us. This was before Tina Waddell was accosted and almost died. 

​ Please tell your friends and relatives to go to Music Guru and buy a ticket for the drawing for the Trombone. You can pass it down to your grandchildren with a story that because you entered a drawing, future women avoided the violence of dying alone like Jennifer Ewing.
Written by the author of Murder on the Silver Comet Trail, winner of the NaNoWriMo Award of 2004. There is an ad for the Buddy System on the Sheriff's Calendar because the Buddy System prevents crime! ​


Monday, April 20, 2015

R is for racey

    Racey is good unless it is exploiting someone too much. Being respectful is so much better than racey.


Buddy System on Twitter

Many people use #BuddySystem on Twitter.  Why? Check it out. Maybe it would help more of us if we used it?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

N is for nice?

 Play nice, be nice, that's nice, and many other ways to use the word! Using the Buddy System is nice. Saying no to using the Buddy System is nice too? What do you think?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dear Girls, Life is too Short

 There is an article called Dear Girls, Life is too short. It is on and I liked it. Nothing was mentioned about women protecting or looking out for other women. Remember, we cannot get too ugly, old, fat or wrinkled to be safer. So what do we need to do for better safety?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Learning until I Die

   Joseph Dodds has published a book called Psychoanalysis and Ecoloty at the Edge of Chaos: Complexity Theory, Deleuze I Guattari and Psychoanalysis for a Climate in Crisis.

Three states in the USA makes it illegal to use the word climate change: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida. Why do they consider Climate Change an illusion?

Is there something you are doing to change pollution or the overuse of water?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Karen or Vicky?

 IN college I knew a brother and sister named Karen and Mark. She had red hair and was a painter. Mark was pigeon toed. Karen painted a picture for me and I had it on my walls for years. So fast forward 5 years and I met a red hed named Vicky. was my room mate for a year. In the hall or when we were talking I would automatically call her Karen. When I was thinking, she was Vicky. It bothered her only once or twice. It wasn't something I tried to do. Karen is a special name to me, and to me it meant that I see good qualities in Vicky, because I was really happy to be around Vicky. Have you ever called someone a name not their own when you weren't working hard to remember their name? Relationships with buddies can surprise me, and I hope you.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

BuddySystem42 blogspot is no joke

 Joking or not, using the Buddy System can be more joyful and happy than going it alone. 

I like being alone. I get to think and not talk. I get to sing without holding back in case someone gets embarrassed. I get to pay attention to nature in a better way and to day dream. With someone I am not focused on what "I" would focus on. I am paying more attention to the person than what is around me. I am talking. Awareness is not easy with someone else who is talking. So what do I suggest? Going with someone and asking them to be quiet? What I suggest instead is to be aware and every once in a while go for a stretch quietly, whether on a trail or in a parking lot or neighborhood. I stopped and talked to a woman at a church parking lot who was walking alone. She said she had a buddy. He was so blasted far away. She talked to me and he caught up. She actually thanked me. Of course it probably scared her that I wrote Murder on the Silver Comet Trail

Friday, April 10, 2015

Clothes for safety.

   When going swimming wear fewer clothes so you don't sink. 

No matter what you wear, you are just as likely to be targeted if you are female whether you wear full covers or a bikini. 

Use the Buddy System as much as possible. Be aware. Know self defense.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

How do I begin to use the Buddy System?

 Rules? Conditions? Understanding of expectations are a beginning. Or you two could just wing it. If you don't live in the same house then technological communication is the beginning of the Buddy System. #BuddySystem42 is a beginning. Or maybe #BuddySystem. The thing is, ASKING for someone to go with you is the basic way of beginning. You can practice all you want and still be shocked to find you will learn something new if anything happens that you NEED the Buddy System. Just be aware, and trust in God while you use your brain.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

G is for Ghost

 What does a ghost have to do with Fear Thou Not? Meet me at the cemetery and we will talk about it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

F is for Fun!

Fun workshops involving feathers, pillows and ponchos? 

I had a blog named Poncho Power. I changed it to BuddySystem42 since Buddy System is taken by so many people and two people really need to be part of the Buddy System.

I have fun with people coming to my yard to dig and take cuttings. I have fun with people at workshops called Cuddle Party (TM) where people practice saying no and get hugs and affection like their hair brushed, a shoulder massage at a non-sexual workshop. 

Fun. There ought to be a song with fun in it!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

E is for Elephants

How many elephants do you have? Can an elephant protect humans? Have you ever read Howard the elephant and Whoville by Dr. Seusse?

There isa  philosopher called St. Exuperey who wrote The Little Prince, or Petit Prince. He had elephanats on his planet. Can you imagine if poachers did not kill elephants what Africa would be like now?

What does all of this have to do with the Buddy System? Only the male elephants go alone, and even they get together sometimes and go in packs of male herds. Elephants have a wonderful social system. How do you work on being connected to other people?

D for Blogging A to Z

Driving alone means finding ways to be safer. Traveling alone means finding ways to be safer. Intent to be safer is not being a scaredy cat. Intent to be safer means you are so empowered you can protect someone else and you are there to be caring.

Intent is living with the hopes that with a safer outlook the world is safer, and you and your loved ones are safer. Like a ripple it can grow into more and more safety and less unsafe practices. Why is that important? You tell me!

Friday, April 3, 2015

C is for Control

 Women live under the thumb with CONTROL. Men burden themselves with being like a "father/daddy" to women not realizing they are controlling and taking away power by directing women to do things instead of asking them to consider doing something. 

Why is this important to the Buddy System? WE as women work so hard to be independent that we miss what could be helpful for our safety. We could ask someone to help us by being with us instead of going alone to places that are isolated. 

Have you ever thought of who to ask to help you around the house? You would think that people who are missionaries are helpful, and they can be. Two missionary women came to my house and helped me move 2 pieces of furniture. Can we call up any church and ask them our needs for the same outcome? Try it. Ask your church to send 2 people to help you move furniture and see what happens!

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Buddy System: A to Z started yesterday! Today is B, and my B word is Biscuits! I have a plant outside that is a Hibiscus and unless I say hi-biscuits to the plant when it is blooming, I cannot remember the name!

There are many B words, including Buddy. Women don't want to use the Buddy System because, drum roll, they aren't aware how much men use the Buddy System and drill the Buddy System into each other. Men in the largest male institutions existing on the planet Earth are security, law enforcement, military, prison, Boy Scouts, and what else? Hunting, fishing, kayaking, scuba and sky diving, and what else? Every male institution and major activity has BUDDY SYSTEM stressed/taught/researched and broken down for the guys. 

You go on a certain campus in Tennessee and put Buddy System for women, and they cross out Buddy and put DON'T RAPE.  That is cool except for one thing. The Buddy System is not just about rape. Women get beaten and killed as well as raped. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Errors are awful

Anything worth doing is worth doing badly. No perfectionist will finish something if there is the possibility of something wrong with it. So what?

Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.

Have you had crime happen near you

Do you ever think about yourself and what is going on around you? What did you do? What did you want to do when you heard there was violent crime near you recently? 

We had a family die because of  ? 
There was an accident near where I live ?
Someone had something stolen ?

What do you do about what happens around you? Do you go through life as though nothing happened? Do you become more aware and do you seek out safer ways of living? How many questions are you asking yourself or are you going through the motions of your life?


Another reason not to go to Antarctica is avalanches. There may not be avalanches in the Antarctic, but what if there are?

What does this have to do with the Buddy System or ponchos or kudzu or fertility/infertility or leprosy or anything I have ever been interested in?

I have never been to Paris. I have been invited to India, to the Antarctic (yeah, no written invitations, you know?) and Burundi and New Orleans, and Seattle, and Australia. I want to go to places. Do you? 

What group goes places? The Red Hat Society. Anyone else? Are you going through a pull to go somewhere?

Poncho Power is on Youtube. I teach people to make ponchos for people with cancer and women who breast feed.