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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Paulding County

Buddy System signs for the Silver Comet Trail. 

 If I cannot make a difference in my own county, it may be more possible to make a difference in the world. Think about what Jesus said about having no respect in his own home, as well as prophets getting no respect in their own homes/towns/cities. 

How do I get more followers? How do I do fund raising? How do I sell tee-shirts with "Buddy System" in pink so I can raise awareness and perhaps one day pay for all of the signs on the Silver Comet Trail to change so that the Buddy System is included?


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Three arms to safety. . . .

Awareness (Holy Spirit), Buddy System (Luke 10:1) and Self Defense.

Bosom Buddies and the pink pepper spray have the Buddy System and Self Defense covered. How can awareness be part of the 3 arms? The awareness is a part of the Holy Spirit! Is the pepper spray for breast cancer or what? Explain the mystery of why Cancer is making money from pepper spray?