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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Buddy System

I am thinking of re-naming this blog Buddy System.


If you want to comment on this post, please start with "One benefit of the Buddy System for women. . ."

What if Click Here: Primula Products 
 put "Tea Bag Buddy System": in pink on their packages of Tea Bag Buddy (tm)? 

What if "Bossom Buddies (tm)" added pink "Bossom Buddies System" to their groups' name?

What if Chik-fil-A (tm) gave away PINK "Buddy System" stickers to women who order?

 What if Mom's who go with their kids for Halloween wear white tee-shirts that say in pink "Boo-sum Buddy System?" This can be on the back of the shirt.

What if Victoria Secret had in pink "Buddy System" on their tee-shirts. 

What if the Sheriff's in every county in Georgia had a deputy willing to be present when stickers that say in pink "Buddy System" to women?

Who is telling women the benefits of the Buddy System?

Name one women's organization that is teaching the Buddy System to females. 

The Girl Scouts do not post the requirements on the internet to win a patch for the Buddy System? 

The Boy Scouts do post what it takes to earn a patch with the Buddy System. 

Who teaches the Buddy System to a lot of women? Law Enforcement (nope), Military (since they got caught with their pants down), Scuba diving (nope), Kayaking (nope), ice fishing (nope), hunting (nope) and a whole lot of women's organizations could be teaching the Buddy System to a LOT of women. Three (3) organizations that employ 85% females are every hospital/nursing home you go to, and every public and maybe private school you go to, and every CHURCH has close to 80% attendance of WOMEN, no matter how many males are behind the pulpit. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Buddy System

Would you tell people about a book called Buddy System ?
There are other people who are hurt on the Silver Comet Trail. Why do we hear about this one today? Beating on 11 Alive News: Use the Buddy System, first with the Holy Spirit

Silver Comet Trail Buddy System

Has someone else been beaten on the Silver Comet Trail? Yes. Click here 11 alive news.

More than a human buddy, we need the Holy Spirit. NO matter what happens to us, we are protected with the Holy Spirit. You won't hear that from most martial arts and organizations.

Monday, July 28, 2014

I wish I could rotate this. Can you use this in life? Do you think there are garden clubs, Sunday school classes and women's organizations doing as much to drill it into our heads we do better when we are with someone? How many women do you know who scuba dive? Why are men so great at teaching men something that would surely help women more? What simple thing can you do today to help women think about the Buddy System. Oh, and if you are Christian, Luke 10:1-4 teaches the Buddy System with directions from Jesus the Christ. Were most of the disciples (not apostles) men? Do mostly men go to any Christian meeting? Look around next time you go to church and think about this scripture.

Buddy System

The only reference to Buddy System on Paulding County's calender is from the non-profit I have had since 2009, when I published the book Murder on the Silver Comet Trail. If I stop saying anything about the Buddy System, and my book that promotes the Buddy System, and I am no longer on the calender, who will notice? 

It isn't on the radar for women to use the Buddy System for their safety. It also keeps people out of jail who just don't want to tangle with two people. The odds are not as easy for them when there are two women or two people. 


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wrong place, wrong time

A medical doctor wrote about violence upon innocent black men, sometimes standing at a bus stop in a book called Wrong Place, Wrong Time by John A. Rich, an MD with an MPH. Click here:

Another study has recently been published with intervention for clients of violence has been found supportive. Intervention (click) has recently been studied. PTSD is helped with the client support.

Meanwhile, to prevent a good bit of violence we can use the Buddy System as often as possible. We can also consider putting a pink "Buddy System" sticker on our bumper or wherever will reach the most people.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Jennifer Ewin.

Today was the anniversary of Jennifer Ewing. She was murdered in 2006.

My eyes are very heavy.

Buddy System

 What place in the world provides lunch and teaches the Buddy System?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Buddy System

All the protective people I talk to say the Buddy System is common sense. What garden club or Sunday School class drills the message into our heads as women? Maybe if we all just got a t-shirt and put ((We Hug)) on the back, we would scare enough people away that they wouldn't mug, rape, abduct or kill women? There really aren't a lot of women being hurt on the Silver Comet Trail. Many more people are hurt in shopping places in the parking lots. 

So what if women still go on the SCT alone? Most of them survive, so maybe it isn't a big deal. How would you encourage some female to use the Buddy System and become more aware? I do have comments if anyone wants to post them.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


First Baptist Church of Milledgeville, Georgia still sends me a bulletin after God ordained me with this church in 1987 in August. Southern Baptists took away all endorsements for ordained women to serve women who are beaten by men, raped by men, have miscarriages and lose babies, mastectomies and hysterectomies. Southern Baptists want women to talk about their female issues with male ordained chaplains who make a salary. Women might be able to do the same work as a male chaplain as long as they don't have a salary. Women might be able to do the same education as a male chaplain in the Southern Baptist Denomination, as long as they don't have a salary. --I write books. Max, a United Methodist Chaplain/Elder, said I became chaplain to the world when I lost my endorsement and could no longer minister inside a box (hospital). My books: Click here: Murder on the Silver Comet Trail, Molested: Prayers by D. White (Charlotte Fairchild),  
and Fertile Prayers: Daily Fertile Prayers (click here)

Buddy System and violence


He hit me with a 2x4.
He punched me in the arm.
He held my sister's ankles
& slapped her upside down.
He punched, kicked, laughed, beat us
Because we felt we had a say.
Our breasts were sore from belts and metal.
We had no say.
We stood together, powerless
If he dropped her, she would be dead.
If he didn't stop, we could die, any of us.
It wasn't until years later, I thought of defense,
and physically stopping him.
Fighting back never seemed an option.
Locking doors, running, crying never stopped him.
The doors broke, and he always caught us.
God, when bad things happen to powerless people--to children--to me,
give me sense and wisdom to change the bad things and stop the sinner.
Let me know that there are things to do besides not talk back.
Charlotte Fairchild 2004

Men drill the "buddy system" into each other in every group they join. Ice fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, hunting, military, law enforcement. When do they tell women about the benefits of the buddy system? When will the local garden club, Sunday School class drill the Buddy System benefits into women with the same scope as men drilling men on the Buddy System?

What do you plan to do to remember women who are abducted, raped and murdered? Would they want you to drill the Buddy System into other women so they can save money, have someone to talk to, and be caring enough to save each other's lives.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Neighborhood Watch

When you talk to your neighbors and find out that cars have been stolen in the neighborhood, then you might want to consider a neighborhood watch. 

When you realize you haven't talked to your neighbors in days, weeks, months, and even years, it is time to think about a neighborhood watch. 

The Buddy System is part of a neighborhood watch, isn't it?

Neighborhoods with side walks, speed bumps, children playing signs help make the neighborhood safer. Having a leash law is helpful. I have never been in a neighborhood with dogs always on a leash in "their yard." Several dogs in my neighborhood have been hit by cars in the past. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Not the most cheerful of subjects. Jenny Ewing died in July, 8 years ago. I thought about walking to her memorial and placing "Buddy System" stickers where people leave water bottles at the cross near mile marker 17.

Maybe her family placed a bench near mile marker 15? There is a granite bench unlike the other benches on the Silver Comet Trail (SCT) with her name on it. I thought about going there and giving "Buddy System" stickers to people. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Tea Bag Buddy product

Tea Bag Buddy keeps your tea hot, squeezes and holds a tea bag. Where did I find out about it? Kroger in the tea aisle! The company is Primula and it costs $4.99. 

A Tea Bag Buddy sounds like a great idea! Praise God we have the Holy Spirit and Thank God we use the Buddy System too. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Friday Party

No one is telling me they are coming this Friday yet. Come see me instead. I will leave my house messy and buy a couple of cakes and people can come between 10 and 12 noon, or between 2 and 4 pm Friday the 11th.   Coffee, tea, and water will be here. No one will be telling you about Norwex. I will tell everyone about the Buddy System who asks because it is a big part of my ministry. I am alive because of Luke 10: 1-4, thank you God!

Call before coming please: 770-947-6635