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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


There were no police on bicycles on the Silver Comet Trail today. There was a Smart Car 3 inches away from the SCT on Depot Drive and Seaboard in Hiram. Is the SCT as safe as it was in 2013? Has something happened? Time will tell.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fund Raising during a heat wave!

The heat has gotten to us! We hope everyone is having a grand time with your family and friends this Memorial Week-end! I am remembering my Dad and my grandfathers. They are all veterans of war. 

Thank you to all the soldiers for putting your life on the line. We owe you our gratitude and freedom.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Garage sale

My parents died. So I have too much stuff. I had planned on giving one nephew my mirrors in my will as a token of caring. I plan to sell most of my mirrors this Saturday, the 24th of May. And then maybe I will begin finding homes for the art I have. 

There is a couch, a desk, a quilt rack, mirrors, an office table that is large, and all the art save one piece I have made. There will be a free weed whacker. There will be two really large lamp shades and two little lamp shades. Silk lamp shades. There will be two mosaic tables.

The art will be no less than $100.00 each for original art. This is a fund raising event for Fear Thou Not. Anyone who brings a Murder on the Silver Comet Trail copy to my house will have it signed by Charlotte Fairchild.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Civil War comes again

civil war 150 pinhole project

My first paper on the Civil War, or The War Between the States, I did a medical story. Civil War medicine had to be interesting! I started with blood suckers and gangreen and 20 pages later ended with amputation stories. I almost failed the paper. Mr. Porch said that I didn't fail because he was fair. He would never read the papers again before eating!  

Pickett's Mill is having a re-enactment in Paulding county. Pickett's Mill Battlefield time and place. Stay with the "one who brought you" when you go to these events. I remember when Chris, my 12 year old nephew got away from us. I was so relieved when we found him. Take care of each other.

I met the photographer who does 150 Pinhold Project while there last week. He is a photographer at the New York Times. My husband was with me.



Monday, May 19, 2014

Wells Fargo

There is a contest for $25,000.00 for a business. What would I do for the Buddy System, Poncho Power, and Hug Story (boundaries) with that much money?? The first thing I would do would be tee-shirts and coin purses to market the Buddy System.


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Book signings

Who needs to read Murder on the Silver Comet Trail? Not police/law enforcement. Grandparents need to read the book. Everyone can benefit from a safety awareness course. Everyone can benefit from a self defense course. Everyone can benefit from CPR/First Aid courses. CPR commercial

Monday, May 12, 2014

Today I lost something.

It was green and had an owl sitting on the top. I hope I didn't put it in a refrigerator bag with mint jelly. Maybe the mysterious item is at a store waiting patiently for me.

Maybe someone found it in a shopping cart. 

I hope today all those reading this will say nothing was lost. 

Neal Bernard said something that sounds like the Buddy System. I'll is ILL. We'll is Well. Makes sense? What do you think?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dead Kudzu

Click on Dead Kudzu for info on Round-Up that is used on kudzu sometimes.
Dead kudzu

Whenever you see dead kudzu, stay as far away as possible. Round Up or worse was used on the legume. The closest relative is the soybean or the snow pea. 


Thinking about the Buddy System has not made life easier for going with someone else. Talking about 2 or more people involved in daily life together isn't easy! Marriage could help if something could be worked out.



Wednesday, May 7, 2014


What can be written about the Silver Comet Trail that hasn't been written yet?

Some people like the idea of the Silver Comet Trail being for pedestrians. Some people like the idea of the Silver Comet Trail for bicycles. No one talks about the signs. 

Not many people know about the Instant Buddy system I started a few years ago.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pickett's Mill Garden

Yesterday I dug up Sweet Shrub, mints, marjoram, Pearl Shrub, and yellow bog iris. There is a pink rose I also planted. It travels. 

I didn't take pictures. I could have. I brought ratchet clippers and clipped trees and black berry plants inside the garden. On the way to the garden at Pickett's Mill Battlefield I brought plants and the hatch to my Sante Fe openned when I made a left turn. The only person who helped me get plants off the road was the female Paulding County Animal Control employee. I didn't get her name. She was upset that all the people driving by were unhelpful. She didn't know I just started volunteering at the Douglas County Animal Shelter. I was grateful for her help. 

I planted everything, and watered with the water from the National Park building. May 31 there will be a 150 Commerative Re-enactment of the Battle. The Rebel side won decisively. If the other battles had been wins for the Rebel side, where would our country stand? Would we be two countries now? Would there be slavery? Would women have the Vote?

Friday, May 2, 2014

Picket's Mill Battlefield

I went to Pickett's Mill Battlefield today and planted a garden and trimmed trees. 

Click Here! 

I want to play autoharp there on the 31st of May when the 150 re-enactment/ takes place. I doubt that will happen since I will be all over taking pictures.

Strike the 'Harp  

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A-Z is over! Maybe?

Women want the Buddy System. An Instant Buddy System is finding a woman as you walk who can join you. When was the last time you heard of a woman molesting, murdering, abuducting, raping another woman? It is just rare. NOT too rare! Violence will never be rare enough!

A-Z blogging!

When something is over, is it really over? I pay for my blog to be included on the Paulding Sheriff Calendar, and I have for 6 years! I have received a fair amount of attention with that calendar in every school and many public places. I think I may have received more traffic by going to the A-Z blogs. I never understood that this is a wonderful way to network until this month! I was able to look t titles of blogs and figure out interesting places to go to that I NEVER would have found any other way!

Today is my neice's birthday. Today I am going to talk to a music director about giving away a tuba. Today I am going to sew 6 pillowcases together to make a bed. I could make pillow case dresses. I know a few people who need a bed more.