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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Good Morning America interview March 30, 2014

Good Morning America interviewed me for seeing "Noah" and I had the Jimmy Carter book Call To Action women, religion, violence and power. April 9 he is signing books at the Carter Center/Library. 

The story I wrote about the Douglasville Welcome Center had a different twist. When you call a stranger into a room to chew them out, ask them if they have a gun permit. I am so afraid for employees who think they are safe, especially young women. Being a leader and bossy and powerful is always a risk. Get someone to watch your back!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Buddy System

Patrice at the Douglasville Welcome Center is an employee whose brother tells her to use the Buddy System! I guess I can retire because one person I know in Douglasville is being told to use the Buddy System! I wish! If only more women were told about the Buddy System and asked a buddy to "watch their back" in isolated places like parking lots, neighborhoods and trails.

If someone working for the city or county is rude to you, what do you do? I complained on the website. I didn't carry most of the instruments inside. I didn't ask to go into the Douglasville Welcome Center. The couple I met were invited out of the cold and they told me to follow just so they could look at the instruments.

The most important question for me is this: why is it that no one in the office knew the county has an orchestra in the county? This orchestra has been listed in the Chapel Hill News & Views for a while. The next most important question is: why is it the other people who were invited to the Welcome Center were not chewed out by Patrice and  I was chewed out by Patrice? 

Is Douglasville Welcome Center interested in selling Murder on the Silver Comet Trail to raise awareness about the Buddy System? They are selling t-shirts, coasters, honey and giving away free literature. The Silver Comet Trail is from another county. Why would they sell honey from another county? 

If you want other women to be mugged, abducted, raped, or murdered, then quit telling women to use the buddy system. Being aware, having a dog and carrying a gun is not enough for the safety of women. If it were, then men would quit talking about the Buddy System to protect men. Search for the Buddy System on Youtube to find examples?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Silver Comet Trail

Ask the Rosenwald School Museum on 92 to have a quilting bee and make a Silver Comet Trail tee shirt quilt!

Drop your tee shirt at the museum after you race and get the other shirts from past races and bring them to the museum on Saturday from noon to 3 pm! Silver Comet Trail Quilt!  (Click)

Thursday, March 20, 2014


I heard of Gavin de Becker from Oprah. No is great! We practice "no" at Cuddle Parties. Ann Landers had rules just like Cuddle Party. Get in a crowd, no drugs and no alcohol. Keep clothes on and be friendly with other people. Maintain boundaries.

NO! Click the "no" to reach the Gavin de Becker article. I liked reading it. This makes sense.


Emory University has been having a Global Health and Humanitarian Summit every year for 5 years. ( The first year was called International Medical Volunteer Conference. 

There are many booths available for free at the MEDICAL SCHOOL at Emory. The contact person is Tony Xu, a student at Emory University. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Instant Buddy

At Emory U. last week I saw two women walking alone. Add me and there were 3 who didn't want to ask anyone to walk with them. 

Instant Buddy is a concept of asking a total stranger to walk with you, ride with you, or go with you. A woman, and not someone of the opposite sex. Nothing is fool proof. I am just going with the odds. 

Tell women to use the BUDDY SYSTEM, please!

Instant Buddy on twitter to find friends who just might go along with you and "watch your back!"

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fund raiser

I have 3 musical instruments I would like to sell to raise funds for gas and office supplies.

A clarinet ($60.00), a trombone, and a trumpet. I do now know what to sell the trombone and the trumpet for.