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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Poncho/movie fund raising  December 6 I will wrap the movies and ponchos and give them to friends if no one buys them. The drawing for the poncho and movie is only for Paulding County.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Buddy System for Women

Women don't abduct and we don't hurt, for the most part in isolated places like parking lots and neighborhoods and hiking.  I started talking about fast friend for instant buddy on twitter. How else can people spread the word to find someone to shop with, and to make friends with other women in parking lots? If you are a man, be careful. Women carry permits and guns too.

I prepared 50 heft glide bags with a pen and paper for homeless people to write resources down if they call United Way. #211 is the free phone number. The first thing they tell you is to get a pen and paper. Where do homeless keep their pen and paper? That is why I am giving them away. Pen, paper, plastic bag, some rubber bands, and a free flyer. The plastic bag can be used to hold the cell phone homeless people can get for free.  If you send money, please send a check or cash (small amounts only, please) to Fear thou not, PO Box 1268, Hiram, GA 30141. I have a paypal account. The banks won't give me an account because I don't EVER get much and they want $500 in the bank. They don't want me to use the account for cashing checks. LGE is only one who has given me this message as a nonprofit administrator. SunTrust also has the same mind set.