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Monday, April 11, 2011


There are businesses who are willing to donate. Which business is willing to sponsor?

Thank you for your donations that have helped me for the Global Health and Humanitarian Summit at Emory Medical School, Emory University, Atlanta, GA. I organized the GHHS with others, taught autoharp to children and adults, spoke about the Buddy System, Pakistan, and moderated a homeless panel on April 1-3, 2011 at Emory University. I wanted to Co-chair the same type of event at Clark Atlanta University. Because Clark Atlanta University didn't want to pay for three additional security guards for 1,500 people, we may be cancelling the same type summit at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta where the Civil Rights Movement began.

We want a Humanitarian Movement to start at Clark Atlanta University. It would be nice to have a summit, better to have a movement! When we mindfully choose to openly care with our hearts and we Tarry (humaniTARIan) to find out unwanted and unknown needs, and we teach people how to fish when they are asking for something that might as well be our dinner (the fish we just caught) we will have the joy of knowing that when we eat, someone else is also eating because they have been helped to help themselves. Sustainability folks. 'Tis the season to quit giving just a hand out and give a hand up.