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Saturday, November 28, 2009

No shoulder, Silver Comet Trail

Silver Comet Trail wash out

Bikers were riding the section of the trail taped off because of a severe wash out during the flooding of 2009 in Paulding County, Georgia until the extensive work began. Notice he is not using the Buddy System? FEMA is only paying for a portion of the work being done to improve the Silver Comet Trail. The County Governments are paying a high proportion of the extensive work being done for the Silver Comet Trail with no funding left for signs. People with disabilities are not included on this sign on the Silver Comet Trail. Do we need to change the signs? Please donate if you would like to change the signs. Please contact your county government. Please make a difference if you are a company who would like to donate to the signs being updated and maintained by the counties. Please suggest fund raising for the Silver Comet Trail. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if people wore t-shirts with the words "BUDDY SYSTEM" during races, or when they hike or ride on any trail or in any mall.