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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Safety in church

In church you think you are safe and everyone will love you. They don't. Many times women will stab you in the back.  One of the reasons I started this quest before reading a Post Traumatic Church Syndrome is the pain from so many sexist people. I went to Dallas Theater Saturday with my husband who volunteers every Sunday for hours at his church.  Stephanie told me not to play my autoharp in the performance of GOSPEL MUSIC like she was afraid. 

I tell children that David killed Goliath, played harp for a king and became a king. A harp is not for wimps.  So this is a letter I wrote to a church. I did not send the letter to the church. I just asked for a refund. The people in this church do not care if they hurt anyone. Will we get the $40 back?

Hi Steve,
  Can you give us a refund? We did not pay $40 to be insulted. My nonprofit is a 501(c)3 and I have been to 80+ churches telling people as a speaker and a visitor about the harp in the Bible without being insulted. Only three churches have insulted me, and two were Methodist.  You may remember that the harp is mentioned over 40 times praising God in the Bible. Do you know what 40 means in the Bible?  Autoharp Angels was started because I asked an international group to make one CD and they made 4. They make so much money that they give donated autoharps to people who cannot afford them because of God working through me to ask for Christmas music.When God works, he can use an ass, and he can use me. and

The women in your church were heartless after both of my parents died. I invited them to my house and none of them would come. Why does Bob do so much for your church for free? Not for the Christian friendship. 

I have a BA, MDiv, 6 units of CPE, and I served as the chaplain on 9/11/2001 at Emory Parkway Medical Center before it was torn down because it is 5 seconds from jets at Charlie Brown Airfield. I was an organizer, moderator and speaker at the Global Health and Humanitarian Summit at Emory for 4 years. 

I have 60 references similar to the one attached. Cecil Threadgill fought on Iow Jima, and prayed for the Apollo 14. I don't look like much, but as a writer I can tell the truth. The truth is that people in your church are ugly inside. I want a refund for the tickets to the Dallas Theater concert. It is a shame the United Methodist women are so cold to other women. It is as though they are not like Christ. In Flipper Temple United Methodist Church there is the sign of justice. It is an AME church that has welcomed me and my autoharp. There is going to be a movement to praise God with autoharps.  Stephanie was afraid I might praise God with an autoharp with no mic? I am a coloratura who sings in 8 languages. Which is louder? A voice that can sing opera or a stringed instrument with no mic? What was she thinking?

Use more women in your services to preach Steve. My husband tells me you only ask a man who preaches the same sermon over and over again when you are not there. He has had a stroke and it is not fair to him or all the women
in the church who have taken courses to be lay speakers. I am not a lay speaker. I am a prophet. I wrote Murder on the Silver Comet Trail 2 years before it happened. I have a Master's of Divinity, and you do not. I have full ordination as a minister of the gospel with a Master's of Divinity, and you do not. Most of the local pastors think I should be a local pastor, and I cannot just like you cannot be an elder without a Master of Divinity. 

Rev. Charlotte
​ Fairchild, BA, MDiv, CPE