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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Women and men use signs

         What is your Prayer?

1.     What is your prayer?

2.     Alkaline water (1 quart/30 pounds of body weight)

3.     Alkaline food (blender or juicer)

4. ($50.00 instant online music for healing and a book.)

5.     www.pHMlife stuff and free book

6.     Videos with Robert O. Young
7.     Crazy, Sexy Cancer with Kris Carr (Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer remission for 15 years)
8.     Joe Cross juicing video 80% GREENS

9.     Solo Star II Juicer ($205.00) or blender

10.   The Book of Kudzu by William Shurtleff for kudzu root recipes. Stanford U.

11.   Kudz research for detoxing liver is western medicine. There is a lot of research.

12.   Google for 250,000 recipes for kudzu 

This is what I do to help me. Ask your

doctor about how this can help you.

13.   Mold Elimination Diet pdf has a list of

really acidic foods high in mold. Mold is toxic.

14.   Laughter every day on purpose. LOOK for funny things.

15.   Inconceivable by Julia Indochinova tells how a woman can lower her FSH with greens and meditation.