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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Women and independence

  I get it. Women want independence. Each woman wants to be able to have agency and autonomy. Going with someone means interdependence or with some people a struggle. I want to stay 5 minutes while the other person wants to stay an hour kinds of situations arise. I want to stop at the antique store, while the other person wants to stop at the clothing store. 

Being with other people isn't so simple sometimes. Sure it can be safer, especially if both people know safety awareness and self defense.  

Our culture encourages women to be brave and venture out alone. Every week a woman is missing and many times never found. So we each balance the scales. We either stay home or go out and brave the cold world.

A balance means weigh the risks! Weigh the possibilities. Odds need to look good to go out and do what you want. Pull back if the odds are not good.