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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Strength in numbers

     What is more impressive, a woman arriving home safe or a woman being victimized? 

I want women to say, no more, and learn from the guys who are in groups. I want women to ask each other to take care of each other. We are the mothers of the next generation, the past generation and the future generations! We are more valuable to the continuance of the world than the men. Why? We can choose to adopt. We can choose to have artificial insemination. We can be single. One day we will make as money as men.

In a perfect world, men would be like Christ. They would say no to porn. They would pray. They would spend time and attention on someone special. Men would see their mates as special. They would stop other men from hurting women by encouraging women to use the Buddy System.

Is that far fetched?