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Monday, October 19, 2015

Gas stations

 My Great Aunt gave me 3 of her old dresses because she wanted me to stop wearing overalls at my women's college, and when I travel. So why did I trade my overalls for 3 old lady dresses (she was in her 70's when I was 19)?  Well. . . the night before I drove to their house taking everything from the dorm in my Maverick (ugly green, like a rotting lime) that had belonged to my Great Uncle John Mitchell (who had recently died). Everything I owned was in the back seat and window and trunk of that little Maverick. So my Great Aunt Gladys wanted me to clean it up so her neighbors would think better of me and her and her husband, the Federal Judge.  I cleaned it up and dropped my keys right as she closed the trunk! I did not have a spare! The rest of the car was open, so we could get into the trunk through the seats. I just didn't have enough strength to pull the seat out. We were problem solving this when 2 football players walked by and my Great Uncle offered them $20 to pull the seat out and get the keys. They did, even though the Clorox had spilled with the lid either breaking or being loose. God Bless those boys! So of course I could not say no about the 3 old lady dresses. Will I ever buy another pair of overalls? I wish. I doubt it. Anyway, when I filled up the gas tank the next day, I noticed that in my old lady dress, at the young age of 19, any man within 20 feet stared at me. I was not made safer with a dress. It doesn't mean we need to wear a paper sack to be safer. We do need to realize that when we are beautiful, our awareness needs to be higher. Hypervigilent? Ugly people, old people don't need to pay attention? Not hardly. We cannot get too old, too ugly, or too wrinkled and fat to be safer. Be aware.