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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Paulding County Arts & Crafts Festival

 Instead of Busking for donations/tips (look up Busking in Wikipedia) I had a drawing for Fear Thou Not 501(c)3 EIN 27-0321298 for donations. So, one young man wanted the watch and bought 4 tickets. Other people bought one, or just gave donations. ($6.00 for tickets) $9.00 for just donations. The woman who won the watch told my husband she didn't need it. So the young man will get it. He plays percussion for the Spartan band. I have his picture on Pinterest because he played autoharp twice and really liked it and a flautist named Anna filled out three tickets and then put the blank tickets in the plastic container by mistake and so the only one I have with his name is the one he filled out and I cannot read it really. She is young and was distracted by stuff. 

So today I plan to go to a high school and give it to the band director to give it to the guy in the picture. Someone on Facebook donated the watch. I am proud of them. They use the Buddy System. Now if they could get the old timers to use the Buddy System, we would be ahead of the game.