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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Below is the copy for an article about the trombone at Music Guru.
​ The silver King trombone hangs alone at the new Music Guru store​ in Hiram on 92. My father bought it for top dollar after his first heart attack. He was so proud that he only paid $2000.00 for it. I had the brilliant idea that I would have a drawing and help Music Guru with exposure. The drawing is April 30 at 3:00 pm.

The trombone is to help the nonprofit Fear Thou Not, which does a few ministries including education for women about the Buddy System, and Poncho Power. We cannot get too old, too wrinkled, fat and ugly to be safer. We need to be alert (Holy Spirit for some), use the Buddy System and use self defense. Women who use the Buddy System are less likely to be targets of violence. Women who are making ponchos for women to breast feed or for women with breast cancer are empowering themselves to directly help someone, instead of donating and never seeing where it goes. The idea comes from the movie "Pay it Forward" with Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt to directly help people. You are not just giving a dollar for this drawing. Someone will win a trombone.
The Buddy System is about women walking together in places that are isolated or crowded. Having someone to watch your back is commonly found in the literature that  revolves around men. Fishing, hunting, scuba and sky diving, kayaking, military, law enforcement, and other mostly male organizations, (including the Boy Scouts "Patch" for the Buddy System) all ingrain the Buddy System into males everywhere. There is no sign on the Silver Comet Trail saying to use the Buddy System. Too many women still walk, run, ride, skate alone on the Silver Comet Trail.

Most women don't realize that it is a warrior's tool to have someone watch your back, and to keep you covered. There are many cries for independence, and there are women upset that so much violence is directed to women who are alone. On some campuses women cross out the Buddy System signs for women and write "STOP RAPING US." They don't want to use the Buddy System because it is not easy to find people who value them and take the time to be safer. They also do not realize that males hear and use the Buddy System so much more than women so women rebel as though it is just for thier inconvenience.
Our hospitals, schools, churches (Luke 10:1) do not tell us that we need to use the Buddy System consistently and there is no earning a "Patch" for the Girl Scouts for the Buddy System like Boy Scouts earn!
Women are more powerful when they use the Buddy System. Men do not use the Buddy System because they are wimps!
I walked to Jennifer Ewing's memorial on the Silver Comet Trail once with a friend named Kathy on the anniverary of Jennifer's death in 2006 on the Silver Comet Trail. Our pictures are on the blog in the older posts. Kathy's adult son wouldn't go with us. He was busy. So we were aware, we used the Buddy System, and we took our cell phones and before going we watched the video and had a kubotan and a knife each in our hands. We brought a dog with us. This was before Tina Waddell was accosted and almost died. 

​ Please tell your friends and relatives to go to Music Guru and buy a ticket for the drawing for the Trombone. You can pass it down to your grandchildren with a story that because you entered a drawing, future women avoided the violence of dying alone like Jennifer Ewing.
Written by the author of Murder on the Silver Comet Trail, winner of the NaNoWriMo Award of 2004. There is an ad for the Buddy System on the Sheriff's Calendar because the Buddy System prevents crime! ​