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Monday, April 13, 2015

Karen or Vicky?

 IN college I knew a brother and sister named Karen and Mark. She had red hair and was a painter. Mark was pigeon toed. Karen painted a picture for me and I had it on my walls for years. So fast forward 5 years and I met a red hed named Vicky. was my room mate for a year. In the hall or when we were talking I would automatically call her Karen. When I was thinking, she was Vicky. It bothered her only once or twice. It wasn't something I tried to do. Karen is a special name to me, and to me it meant that I see good qualities in Vicky, because I was really happy to be around Vicky. Have you ever called someone a name not their own when you weren't working hard to remember their name? Relationships with buddies can surprise me, and I hope you.