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Friday, April 3, 2015

C is for Control

 Women live under the thumb with CONTROL. Men burden themselves with being like a "father/daddy" to women not realizing they are controlling and taking away power by directing women to do things instead of asking them to consider doing something. 

Why is this important to the Buddy System? WE as women work so hard to be independent that we miss what could be helpful for our safety. We could ask someone to help us by being with us instead of going alone to places that are isolated. 

Have you ever thought of who to ask to help you around the house? You would think that people who are missionaries are helpful, and they can be. Two missionary women came to my house and helped me move 2 pieces of furniture. Can we call up any church and ask them our needs for the same outcome? Try it. Ask your church to send 2 people to help you move furniture and see what happens!