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Saturday, April 11, 2015

BuddySystem42 blogspot is no joke

 Joking or not, using the Buddy System can be more joyful and happy than going it alone. 

I like being alone. I get to think and not talk. I get to sing without holding back in case someone gets embarrassed. I get to pay attention to nature in a better way and to day dream. With someone I am not focused on what "I" would focus on. I am paying more attention to the person than what is around me. I am talking. Awareness is not easy with someone else who is talking. So what do I suggest? Going with someone and asking them to be quiet? What I suggest instead is to be aware and every once in a while go for a stretch quietly, whether on a trail or in a parking lot or neighborhood. I stopped and talked to a woman at a church parking lot who was walking alone. She said she had a buddy. He was so blasted far away. She talked to me and he caught up. She actually thanked me. Of course it probably scared her that I wrote Murder on the Silver Comet Trail