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Thursday, April 2, 2015


Buddy System: A to Z started yesterday! Today is B, and my B word is Biscuits! I have a plant outside that is a Hibiscus and unless I say hi-biscuits to the plant when it is blooming, I cannot remember the name!

There are many B words, including Buddy. Women don't want to use the Buddy System because, drum roll, they aren't aware how much men use the Buddy System and drill the Buddy System into each other. Men in the largest male institutions existing on the planet Earth are security, law enforcement, military, prison, Boy Scouts, and what else? Hunting, fishing, kayaking, scuba and sky diving, and what else? Every male institution and major activity has BUDDY SYSTEM stressed/taught/researched and broken down for the guys. 

You go on a certain campus in Tennessee and put Buddy System for women, and they cross out Buddy and put DON'T RAPE.  That is cool except for one thing. The Buddy System is not just about rape. Women get beaten and killed as well as raped.