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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What church groups do and what they could do

Be prepared, this is long~
If you have comments, please make them! I cannot think of everything! The church I go to is next to The High Museum. First Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Here goes:
 My husband's church feeds 400 +/- families a month with the help from Atlanta Food Bank and money they raise through donations to feeding hungry people.

2. My husband's church gives free clothing to people.
3. My husband's church has music that helps people with worries and troubles relax and feel better.
4. My husband's church marries and buries people so the value and appreciation of people who mattered to family is observed and healing can be communal and not isolated.
5. My husband's church praises/glorifies God.
6. My husband's church loves people and cares for them in simple ways like driving people who cannot drive to where they need to go and including them.
7. My husband's church is a community.
My churches.
I visit churches.
One church group makes prayer shawls for people with any illness.
One other church group made 500++ hats for elementary school children before it got cold last year.
One church group goes in 2 vans on Fulton Industrial Boulevard and picks up prostitutes for transport to a safe house and drug rehab/job rehab/medical help.
One church group feeds 300+ homeless men and a few women every Sunday morning and on Tuesdays gives homeless people legal advice, lunch and meets needs.
One church group has an Epicenter with bowling lanes, workouts, rock climbing, bike training, yoga classes, and a 600 seat auditorium and a recording studio. It is next to 6 Flags.
Church groups pay for missionaries to go on hospital ships like the Hope to do dental care and to help with surgeries and testing.
Church groups develop singing in all styles from R&B to Gregorian Chant, the most ancient style we know.
Church groups have developed art in painting, textile (needlepoint, cross stitch, clothing, you name the textile) stained glass, architecture, music, poetry, symphony, opera, operetta, infinity and beyond.
Church groups fund and run safe houses for people in need, whether homeless, battered, or prostitutes or unwed mothers.
There is so much more that church groups do. The church itself is an institution that brings us together and helps us identify needs and find people like ourselves who can make a difference. The church is the unsung hero throughout the ages in good deeds mirroring the best of God. What could church groups do that they are not doing?
1. Encouraging women to be more active in church in every capacity.
2. Instead of focusing on boundaries of how to keep people the same, protecting children and loving people more.
3. Luke 10:1 is common in two major denominations and not nearly as much as the mainline church groups. The Buddy System wasn't invented by the Boy Scouts!
4. Helping older people with their homes. Morman women missionaries came to my house and helped me move furniture I could not move alone. I don't know if church groups in other places would help me do something so simple. It took them one hour and it counted as mission work. I HELPED them!
5. Most nonprofits are Christian in the United States. More involvement with nonprofits can happen with church groups to help and support the community.
6. Choose a book and a group study the book together from popular culture, to see how God and Christians might make a difference. Read what can make a difference whether it is Click here--> Introductory 101: The How to Guidebook on Exotic Dancing to help women find something better than stripping and drugs, life threatening situations through this book, or Murder on the Silver Comet Trail (click here).