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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Books I have published:

Fertile Prayers: Daily Fertile Prayers by Charlotte Fairchild The out of print book on Amazon may cost more than the PDF at Authorhouse. It helps me to buy from Authorhouse. It will never be in book form again. A PDF can be read as an ebook and costs less than $5.00 and is delivered instantly.

Molested: Prayers by D. White found on written by Charlotte Fairchild. I was never molested and I wanted to help people who have been molested. This is free and never cost anything to anyone. I hope that the website continues to receive donations to continue helping people. I received one donation for one blog a long time ago. I am not a fund raiser. People must buy books to keep me working!

Murder on the Silver Comet Trail by Charlotte Fairchild  
Is it true? Is it written like a French Major? The problems with the book may be puzzles to solve. Where is the repeated paragraph? Where is Al Gore mentioned? Where is the segue` that goes into the wild blue yonder and why?