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Friday, October 3, 2014

poncho power it forward?

What exactly is the Buddy System about? Is it about being individual and self sufficient and non dependent? Is that how guys use it?

Guys use the Buddy System so they don't die, so they save money, and so they have more fun.

How does a poncho factor in with the Buddy System? Is it like a uniform for people who use the Buddy System? Does a poncho have to be pink for Bosom Buddies who have survived cancer?  What is a poncho in relation to the Buddy System anyway? 

Learning how to make a poncho is humanitarian if it leads to giving and also teaching how to make ponchos. Women can learn how to sew and women can learn how to make a poncho and women can learn how to use the Buddy System effectively so that crime is more difficult to enact.