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Friday, September 19, 2014

Out of

Out of Darkness is a non-profit headed by Jeff Shaw, a lawyer. He reminds me of Allen Harris, except in age. He goes into places where prostitutes are and he and someone else gives a rose and a card to someone who seems like a prostitute. Someone standing on a corner. Someone at a gas station or truck stop who looks like they made this choice. 

The Global Health and Humanitarian Summit had a speaker, Dr. Bercu, who came several times who organizes groups to make a difference with sex workers who are enslaved. Click here: Drs at war . org  The Global Health and Humanitarian Summit had synergy when people chose it. People who made connections and kept the connections will have more impact on changing the World. People who came to promote their agenda and are self serving in any endeavor have less impact. Sure, we have a passion. We have to use the Buddy System with our passion, compassion, and social change. The Buddy System is not just about going to the mall with someone. Watching out for each other is the whole ballgame.