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Friday, August 15, 2014

What can I do to help raise awareness of the Buddy System to women?

1. Tell women about the Buddy System and what that means for safety.
2. Tell people about the book Murder on the Silver Comet Trail that is marked down on Amazon and Kindle.
3.  Make an effort to ask someone to go with me (a woman) when I am going somewhere.
4. Be available for other women who ask for me to accompnay them.
5. Watch out for anything that might be dangerous so that I am not caught off guard with someone I am a buddy to.
6. Take some kind of protection (whistle, noise maker, kubotan, pocket knife, walking stick, gun with permit), phone with GPS, a pet and always a Buddy.
7. Keep one ear available to hear if there is a music device.
8.  Can you think of any more tips?