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Thursday, July 31, 2014


If you want to comment on this post, please start with "One benefit of the Buddy System for women. . ."

What if Click Here: Primula Products 
 put "Tea Bag Buddy System": in pink on their packages of Tea Bag Buddy (tm)? 

What if "Bossom Buddies (tm)" added pink "Bossom Buddies System" to their groups' name?

What if Chik-fil-A (tm) gave away PINK "Buddy System" stickers to women who order?

 What if Mom's who go with their kids for Halloween wear white tee-shirts that say in pink "Boo-sum Buddy System?" This can be on the back of the shirt.

What if Victoria Secret had in pink "Buddy System" on their tee-shirts. 

What if the Sheriff's in every county in Georgia had a deputy willing to be present when stickers that say in pink "Buddy System" to women?

Who is telling women the benefits of the Buddy System?

Name one women's organization that is teaching the Buddy System to females. 

The Girl Scouts do not post the requirements on the internet to win a patch for the Buddy System? 

The Boy Scouts do post what it takes to earn a patch with the Buddy System. 

Who teaches the Buddy System to a lot of women? Law Enforcement (nope), Military (since they got caught with their pants down), Scuba diving (nope), Kayaking (nope), ice fishing (nope), hunting (nope) and a whole lot of women's organizations could be teaching the Buddy System to a LOT of women. Three (3) organizations that employ 85% females are every hospital/nursing home you go to, and every public and maybe private school you go to, and every CHURCH has close to 80% attendance of WOMEN, no matter how many males are behind the pulpit.