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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Buddy System and violence


He hit me with a 2x4.
He punched me in the arm.
He held my sister's ankles
& slapped her upside down.
He punched, kicked, laughed, beat us
Because we felt we had a say.
Our breasts were sore from belts and metal.
We had no say.
We stood together, powerless
If he dropped her, she would be dead.
If he didn't stop, we could die, any of us.
It wasn't until years later, I thought of defense,
and physically stopping him.
Fighting back never seemed an option.
Locking doors, running, crying never stopped him.
The doors broke, and he always caught us.
God, when bad things happen to powerless people--to children--to me,
give me sense and wisdom to change the bad things and stop the sinner.
Let me know that there are things to do besides not talk back.
Charlotte Fairchild 2004

Men drill the "buddy system" into each other in every group they join. Ice fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, hunting, military, law enforcement. When do they tell women about the benefits of the buddy system? When will the local garden club, Sunday School class drill the Buddy System benefits into women with the same scope as men drilling men on the Buddy System?

What do you plan to do to remember women who are abducted, raped and murdered? Would they want you to drill the Buddy System into other women so they can save money, have someone to talk to, and be caring enough to save each other's lives.