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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Open Letter to Dick Yarborough

Hey Dick,
I go to church at First Presbyterian Church Atlanta next to the High Museum. My resume is 5 pages long and I receive a bulletin from the church that originally ordained me titled "Rev. Charlotte Fairchild."  One of the members at First Presbyterian quoted Latin to me trying to insult me and then told me he thought I was defrocked. I have been  going there for years now. They are testing God!

Don't they know I am as important as Jesus and as important as Balaam's Ass? My ordination hasn't been recinded nor have I been defrocked. I have NEVER been promiscuous, molested children, been addicted to pornography, and all the other crap that so many ministers are doing in all denominations to get defrocked.

All I did is get 10 years of college and 6 scholarships including one for a residency as a chaplain at Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida. I started out as a Veteran's Administration Nursing Home Chaplain Intern at Milledgeville, GA. My degrees are at Judson College, Marion, Alabama established 1838 and no, it was not closed for the WAR BETWEEN THE STATES, (nothing civil about it) and my scholarship was the Lurleen B. Wallace Scholarship (don't get me started on her husband). I am proud of that scholarship because she was the only governor Alabama will ever have who is female. Tell me when I am wrong?

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, New Orleans, Louisiana is my Alma Mater (Pater) for my Master's of Divinity. I am one semester shy of having a double master's degree. My scholarships during graduate school were from First Baptist Church of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I attended 4 colleges/universities before I graduated TWO years after receiving my diploma from Headland High School. The University of Alabama was one of them and so I received scholarships.

In graduate school, Dr. Cothan said, "I would not step down to be President of the United States," when asked about his calling. Everyone kept asking him why he didn't run for office because he was such a great speaker. He and all the professors started classes with a joke/ice breaker. I know some about Balaam's Donkey I cannot print here. This helped since there was a murder the year I started seminary. The women in Carey Hall received a death threat. Click here: Dr. Robbins' wife. Dr. Robbins' wife had been murdered on campus and so we were exempted from all but one preaching course after the death threat.

I wasn't allowed to begin class with prayer in several classes, and especially the one intro preaching class that was the only requirement for women. In my graduate classes there were 90 men and two (2) or three (3) women in each class. Most of the time I was fearless. There was no such thing as the Buddy System on campus or in New Orleans. I used to go to Magazine Street Rescue Mission as a week-end Supervisor, or to the United Methodist Emergency Shelter for Foster Children on Washington Street across from the Projects seperated by the St. Charles Avenue Trolley alone. I went and returned alone at night because I worked at night. By night I mean when it was dark.  I only drove a car for 6 months, because most of the time I was on a bus or a trolley.

So why do I get the same "guff" from Presbyterians, Methodists, Episcopalians, Lutherans? Why aren't they using me? Because I do get the same guff from them. Maybe they are telling themselves they dislike me because my credentials are Southern Baptist (instead of seeing Christ in me).  Maybe the Southern Baptists have gotten disgusted with Southern Baptists and infiltrated so many mainline denominations that the guff is evenly spread around?  By guff, do I mean sexism?

I do have to say that when I go into any black church, I am used. None of the preachers let me sit. They put me to work praying, ordaining, standing with the other preachers during baptism, and whatever is needed.  I am as blond as Meredith Hope Emerson ever was.