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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Night riding on the Silver Comet Trial.

Last night I saw someone riding after 9 pm. I have never been on the SCT at night while riding. My dog lost some of her vision and Deputy Quinn helped me get her into the truck. He put the lights on the door so she could see. It was dusk when I went to the truck and she couldn't see well enough. That was the last time I took her to the SCT.

It would take $100.00 to put 100 bumper stickers on trees along the Silver Comet Trail. I wouldn't mind selling them if people wanted to do that. Would you put bumper stickers on trees on the Silver Comet Trail? It would take $10.00 to put bumper stickers on the Etiquette and Rules signs on the Silver Comet Trail. Click here for video of the sign.

The old sign: Click here. ON the other side.