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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pickett's Mill Garden

Yesterday I dug up Sweet Shrub, mints, marjoram, Pearl Shrub, and yellow bog iris. There is a pink rose I also planted. It travels. 

I didn't take pictures. I could have. I brought ratchet clippers and clipped trees and black berry plants inside the garden. On the way to the garden at Pickett's Mill Battlefield I brought plants and the hatch to my Sante Fe openned when I made a left turn. The only person who helped me get plants off the road was the female Paulding County Animal Control employee. I didn't get her name. She was upset that all the people driving by were unhelpful. She didn't know I just started volunteering at the Douglas County Animal Shelter. I was grateful for her help. 

I planted everything, and watered with the water from the National Park building. May 31 there will be a 150 Commerative Re-enactment of the Battle. The Rebel side won decisively. If the other battles had been wins for the Rebel side, where would our country stand? Would we be two countries now? Would there be slavery? Would women have the Vote?