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Friday, May 23, 2014

Garage sale

My parents died. So I have too much stuff. I had planned on giving one nephew my mirrors in my will as a token of caring. I plan to sell most of my mirrors this Saturday, the 24th of May. And then maybe I will begin finding homes for the art I have. 

There is a couch, a desk, a quilt rack, mirrors, an office table that is large, and all the art save one piece I have made. There will be a free weed whacker. There will be two really large lamp shades and two little lamp shades. Silk lamp shades. There will be two mosaic tables.

The art will be no less than $100.00 each for original art. This is a fund raising event for Fear Thou Not. Anyone who brings a Murder on the Silver Comet Trail copy to my house will have it signed by Charlotte Fairchild.