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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Civil War comes again

civil war 150 pinhole project

My first paper on the Civil War, or The War Between the States, I did a medical story. Civil War medicine had to be interesting! I started with blood suckers and gangreen and 20 pages later ended with amputation stories. I almost failed the paper. Mr. Porch said that I didn't fail because he was fair. He would never read the papers again before eating!  

Pickett's Mill is having a re-enactment in Paulding county. Pickett's Mill Battlefield time and place. Stay with the "one who brought you" when you go to these events. I remember when Chris, my 12 year old nephew got away from us. I was so relieved when we found him. Take care of each other.

I met the photographer who does 150 Pinhold Project while there last week. He is a photographer at the New York Times. My husband was with me.