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Thursday, May 1, 2014

A-Z is over! Maybe?

Women want the Buddy System. An Instant Buddy System is finding a woman as you walk who can join you. When was the last time you heard of a woman molesting, murdering, abuducting, raping another woman? It is just rare. NOT too rare! Violence will never be rare enough!

A-Z blogging!

When something is over, is it really over? I pay for my blog to be included on the Paulding Sheriff Calendar, and I have for 6 years! I have received a fair amount of attention with that calendar in every school and many public places. I think I may have received more traffic by going to the A-Z blogs. I never understood that this is a wonderful way to network until this month! I was able to look t titles of blogs and figure out interesting places to go to that I NEVER would have found any other way!

Today is my neice's birthday. Today I am going to talk to a music director about giving away a tuba. Today I am going to sew 6 pillowcases together to make a bed. I could make pillow case dresses. I know a few people who need a bed more.