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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y for the fork in the road

I have a challenge. I have been challenged. I am challenging myself to write a blog to Jimmy Carter, former President, until I figure out what is possible.

My quest in life (think Don Quixote) has been to empower women with the Buddy System. On the Paulding County Sheriff's calendar, my ad is pink. I want to empower women with ponchos. Women can wear a poncho instead of a bra (There is a book, Dressed to Kill, that explains why.). Women can wear a poncho while breast feeding for their own sanity and protection from weird people as well as keeping the core warm. People who have had surgery can wear a poncho for comfort. 

So why write Jimmy Carter, former President? Well, I met him. I cannot possibly talk to him with as much information in person as on a simple page. 
1. I saw him in person at Plains, Georgia the week before he was inaugarated because of my Mom and Mrs. Parrish. It was 22*F.
2. I met Ms. Lillian at a railway station somewhere. She couldn't shake hands. I didn't say anything brilliant to her.
3. I sang at the Carter Presidential Library and Museum in 2004 when he and Roger Williams turned 80. Roger Williams asked someone to sing K-k-k-Katy, and I did. He asked for my voice again an hour later for Bicycle built for two and no one joined in. I have pictures at and .
4. I held a workshop on boundaries at the Carter Center in the Executive Dining Room in 2009. The staff said they would post it and encourage people to come and they didn't.
5. I met Jimmy Carter at the Carter Center for a book signing. I bought 5 of his books. I told him I was ordained. He was cheerful and asked, "you are?" and I said, "First Baptist Church of Milledgeville, 1987." He wished me well, and he looked at me then. The fork in the road is this: do I make this into something or forget I met the man?