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Friday, April 18, 2014

Q is for 007

Or was the "Q" for "Get Smart?"  

The agents for "Get Smart" used the Buddy System less than a lot of detective shows. The woman was always safe and always so smart. She solved the case better than the shoe phone guy, perhaps?

Today I went to the Douglasville Animal Shelter and six dogs were adopted. Some of the dogs would have been euthanized if people were not adopting today. The place is over crowded. I am not an official volunteer. I come with treats I buy and give to the small and large dogs. There are more pit bulls than any other breed for the big dogs. Some of the puppies are pit bulls. I hope the animals are all neutered and spayed before they are adopted. One pit bull was very sad today. There are two old dogs in the small dog room that haven't been adopted. One is a beagle and the other is a long haired dog. There was a beautiful brown and white bull dog there.