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Thursday, April 17, 2014

P is for Publish

P is for publish! I wrote Murder on the Silver Comet Trail in 2004. Nanowrimo Award video 

The last book I wrote was The Un-Tied States of America: Chaplain to the World! So far I haven't glued my but to the rocking chair and finished the edit. I also don't have an ending I like. How would you end a book where a minister who is over 100 years old is dating an alligator butcher who knows how to waltz and hugs great? She wants to throw in the towel in ministry and live a decadent life because she knows no man could tolerate her schedule and she doesn't have time to take care of someone as intensely as a husband requires. How sad to give up her calling and life of ministry to become a wife and "servant" to one person instead of to many people who will need more than one person would require. Some people could think of her retiring and just living a normal boring life of family life. I mean she is over 100 years old. Did I mention this is sci-fi and she might get pregnant and have babies? I didn't think I mentioned that. 
Nanowrimo Award for these books!