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Friday, April 4, 2014

I is for IGLOO?

SO I went to Alaska on a cruise 11 years ago and I didn't see an igloo. I wore the warmest clothes I had for a Southern lady. I interviewed a woman who tried to drive a dog sled. She weighed 100 pounds and she broke her leg when she didn't have the "weight" to keep the sled from flying and she flew with it. She told me she wanted to try it again. Thank God she had people with her. She could have been an appetizer for those malamutes!

The dogs. We women think we are much safer with dogs. Meredith Hope Emerson had Ella, and she still died. Use the Buddy System. People who want something are smarter than you think. 

Underestimate people at your own risk.

Oh, and how cold was it when I landed at the airport in Alaska in early June? It was 80*F and 26.7*C. I did some major glowing. "Women glow, men perspire, and horses sweat."