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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

D is for Donkey

Alburro Garcia is a friend of mine on Facebook. He sometimes posts pictures/images of a donkey in some stage of development.

"Burro" is a donkey. Balaam had a donkey. Click here. If God can use a donkey to impart a message from God, then God can most certainly use a woman. We women must begin to rely on each other for protection and messages instead of being the resilient and isolated women who think we are independent and other women cannot speak to us or for us. We are independent until we have painted ourselves into a corner! No man is an island, and too many women want to be an island. We want to be able to walk alone and be alone in isolated places. Men have the Buddy System drilled into them from a young age. Who is it who talked to you, a woman, about the Buddy System?