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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Buddy System

I wanted to write on Bacon and the Buddy System, because I am going through the alphabet for my blog. I am posting every day (except I am going out of town with a friend and leaving my husband so he can have an estate sale while I am gone and the house will be less cluttered when I return!!!!). 

When I say use the Buddy System, would you believe most people argue (except I agree) that self defense and weapons are effective deterrents. So when I travel on the Silver Comet Trail, do you think I only take a whistle? Nope, I may have three forms of self defense. Do I ever go on the Silver Comet Trail without a Buddy? Nope. I have tried to be alone on the trail at dusk and women have not allowed me to stay alone. They stuck around. This was before I wrote the book.