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Saturday, July 6, 2013


Dear Board of Commissioners and Mr. Jolay and Mr. Day:

In God We Trust is on my car tag. The First Amendment is important.
“Come at 7 am and spend time with educated women who socialize,” from a white lifeguard from Boundary Waters to a white woman swimming with 4 black men for three weeks. The lifeguard didn’t understand how a white old married woman didn’t have Boundaries in Waters? If someone doesn’t want to talk, “excuse me” works for lifeguards and swimmers.
“You only burn 50 calories an hour in the water, and the students are burning 500 an hour,” stated a lifeguard to a senior citizen (me) who was in a wreck 6 months before. The senior citizen (me) had just spent $175.00 on a yearly pass.
Safety: no one in the pool with thunder for hours Wednesday July 3, 2013
1.    I wore a raincoat.
2.    I had signed in after 8:00 am after going through the front door.
3.    I had returned to the car after 10:00 with a lull in the storm and realized I had a 20 mile drive in bad weather and needed to go to the bathroom.
4.    What happened next made me realize I did not want to go to the bathroom again at Boundary Waters Aquatic Center.
5.    With thunder sounding and rain pouring I saw three lifeguards leave the swimming pool area, taking their chairs and moving to the office.
6.    I went around their office to ask for a refund. I no longer wanted the year pass.
7.    I was told to try to trust the lifeguards on Friday for my safety in so many words.
9.    I want a $175.00 refund.
Anyone in the parking lot can take pictures of students going into Boundary Waters Aquatic Center through the back doors from the parking lot.  When someone appears at the door during thunder, the person should be able to enter through the back door for safety.

If my request is denied, I still will not return to Boundary Waters.

Charlotte Fairchild
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