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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The One Who Got Away

So many times I have been the one who got away. In 2004, I looked so much like Meredith Hope Emerson and fit her profile. I majored in French. I had a black dog. I was one inch taller. I had the same color of hair and it was long and my Mother thought I looked so much like her that my Mother called me. It wasn't the first time I got away in 2004 when I turned and ran at mile marker 16 instead of walking toward a man. Yesterday, I was less than a mile away when the tree fell on I-20 on an SUV. No one was hurt, thank GOD.  I started reading the harBINGER. I teach weighing food because of because I met three stories about binging (bingers) who either talked of binging or died a week after learning about weighing food. No one markets for me. Please spread the word that Murder on the Silver Comet Trail isn't creepy. It not written like Mark Twain. It is written like Saturday Night Live. The COMET brought MARK TWAIN into the world, and he left with HALLEY'S COMET. Please tell other people to read about the one who got away in the book MURDER ON THE SILVER COMET TRAIL. Please.