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Friday, August 3, 2012

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All the stuff I do is to prevent crime. The workshop is to prevent crime with communication. The poncho power is to prevent crime (ask me how, and God willing I survive I will write about it). 

People who don't want to go through Amazon or Kindle can get a PDF directly from me with a check to Charlotte Fairchild, Fear Thou Not, P.O. Box 1268,  Hiram, GA 30141. I don't have an account for my nonprofit. I wasn't decapitated like Meredith Hope Emerson, so I don't have the sponsors. Not enough people want to support this Jennifer Ewing inspired nonprofit. If you donate with paypal on this blog, it takes six weeks for me to get the donation, and their paypal company gets close to 5%.

Please look at older blogs. Tweet me at Fairchar or Charfair please to RSVP for Folks. We could always meet at Chik-fil-A or at Home Depot. I wrote Molested: Prayers found at and I do not take sides with either company. I realize many people are incarcerated and many people are gay because they were molested as children. Stats don't lie.