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Thursday, June 21, 2012 and support for Fear Thou Not

Fund raising for Fear Thou Not has been a struggle for me as the leader of this initiative to promote the Buddy System. I haven't seen anything on the Buddy System on so if anyone finds anything about self defense, the buddy system, or safety awareness on, please tell me about it. No one from Paulding County is donating to this blog, to the work I do to promote the Buddy System. I am getting donations from Douglas, Dekalb, and Fulton counties for Fear Thou Not, and none from the county where the murder happened.

I am amazed that is still new to so many people!
Zimbardo's Challenge, Gary Wilson talks about porn and the problem of ED, and Cindy Gallop on speaks about making love not porn. The average age for boys to begin watching porn, as in seeking it out is 10 years old. Jane Fonda Foundation works with young kids because so many have gotten pregnant  when they are quite young.

Anyone want to offer a place for a Cuddle Party to raise money for Fear Thou Not (Buddy System) or Cuddle Project? Three worthy projects. Make affection, not porn/war, and help hidden pregnancy less likely to throw the baby away (Cuddle Project). What people are afraid of with the Cuddle Party is that it will lead to sex. What people don't realize is that sex is less likely when people receive enough affection and there is no pressure to lose boundaries through alcohol/drug use. So Cuddle Party is SAFER than a bar, and the potential for falling in love is higher with Cuddle Party. I met someone yesterday who fell in love with someone she met at a bar.

I have all the tools for a Cuddle Party in 2 laundry bags, including pillows and pillow cases and blankets.

#InstantBuddy and #BuddySystem on Twitter are two concepts I want more women to embrace. And why not? No woman should be alone in a parking lot, no matter what time of day it is.