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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I posted an ad for free plants on Craigslist and so far I have had over 150 people respond. Maybe 70+ people have come by for digging alongside me for plants. This is not a money maker. This is to help the community. 

Humanitarian Hats are catching on with children. Adults may be afraid they cannot do them. Youtube has the directions for loom hats and the directions are EASY!

Have you ever heard the phrase "No news is good news?" When is "No news is good news?" One just has to guess, and that isn't good news! This is why I weigh my food, and eat the best. has the best food for me, and has all the information about weighing each meal so there is no guessing. This is helpful to teach young people who are foolish enough to binge eat competitively and compete with binge drinking!!