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Friday, May 4, 2012


Home of United Generations HUG, 501(c)3
Hug Your community - Become Part of the Solution
Cuddle Party: A boundary workshop that feels like a party.
Cuddle Project: Helping women at risk who keep their pregnancies a secret so they won't throw their baby in a trashcan or worse. John Stamos is a spokesman.
Google Touch and you get technology. Technology uses touch to sell what? TECHNOLOGY! Our world is touch deprived.

I went to Sweetwater Assisted Living last week and it was Pajama Day for staff and the clients. I went to Parks and Recreation in Douglasville, Douglas County, Georgia and parked next to a used condom. I can send a picture to anyone who requests a picture? I was told that condoms are frequently found in the parking lot there. What is the answer? Metro-Atlanta is #3 in child trafficking and prostitution, so what can we do about a solution?