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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hug Story Empowerment

The first Hug Story Empowerment meeting I scheduled was in the Executive Dining Room of the Carter Center. I can show the receipt when you show up at the park, which will be crowded!

On July 1st, there will be a read through of a Hug Story Empowerment Party. We will meet in the Park in Hiram near 92, and it will be informal in the evening. I am not making reservations, so if it rains, this is cancelled. I want to do a read through so that people will become familiar with the concepts and also get to practice the communication skills. 

And then we can go out to eat if people are hungry. There are many eating places nearby.

Be prepared for a 30 minute read through and role playing. Actors welcome. Musicians welcome. People from Craigslist/Facebook are welcome. This is an intro to the workshop.

This is free. I have to have more than 8 people to have it count for a class project I am completing. 

It would be worthwhile since I give $75. for the calendar every year to support the Paulding County Sheriff's Department for the Buddy System. More deputies are reading Murder on the Silver Comet Trail. The deputies aren't afraid of attending a read through. Why? Because the boundaries will help people whether they are newly divorced or recently leaving the sex trade business, or like me, too up tight to say yes to wonderful opportunities. This helps anyone with communication skills. My CPR/AED training came from Leisure Aqua Sports, Joyce Franklin 770-947-9200 Douglasville, Georgia and they are not a sponsor, or donor. BUT  Annie Mae's Home Cooking sponsored this training.