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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Please comment on ANYTHING you can add to help other humanitarians. People who use their minds to choose caring with their hearts to TARRY long enough to find an unwanted need or an unknown need. Thank you Prestige Jewelers for inscribing "Fear Thou Not Is. 41:10" on a silver Labyrinth given to me by Charlotte Payette. This helps people identify my nonprofit!

Buddy System Resources
1.      Carpool:  If Spencer Turnick can get 3,000 people to take their clothes off for an hour of pictures, and he is the main one who makes money from it, then we can accomplish our goals! We can be just as unstoppable! Please check out these two sites! and  The first is the Global Health and Humanitarian Summit at Emory University and the second is Overcoming Obstacles!

2.      Innovative ways to raise money:
a.      Broken jewelry party (to collect broken gold jewelry)
b.      Fashion party (tickets)
c.      Cuddle Party
d.      Spencer Turnick: nude photography for the sake of art (my hero)
e.      Study endowments for successful nonprofits like: Cuddle Project, Smile Train and churches with strong presence in missions and ministry online. They are supporting their work well!
f.       Tell other people about nonprofits that DO relate to them! Smile Train received funding from three of my brilliant friends!
g.      Go to stores and ask for a gift card. Get registered in the state where you live to have a drawing and ask for donations. (solicit)
h.      Busk: any performance with a bucket, gig bag or box is part of the First Amendment Right of Free Speech. You are not allowed to ask for money! People are allowed to tip you!
i. to give and receive things of value
j.       Craigslist for event/marketing/free things go give and get
k.      Speaker’s fees or performer’s fees
l.     Selling hair: Locks for Love does it. Any charity can. They sell hair they don't want!
m.    Canned goods for charity to raise resources for charity.
n.     Pennies, nickles, dimes or quarters or just change. Shriners do this at intersections.
o.     Publish a cookbook.
p.     Dutch Auction: Everyone who bids pays immediately whether they win the bid or not. The bid starts at $1 and quickly accumulates until there is a true fund raiser. People who do not win the item pay before they know who wins, and no money is returned. People are quite excited about this when it begins.

q.  Art prints or performing. On the night of April 13/14, 2012 I dreamed about a ship with musical notation and rendered it on the 16th. Prints available.   This was rendered on the 16th after a ceremony to reconcile the white and black community of prejudice. if you are interested in the original.

3.      App for AED location (similar to ATM location) is one of many Apps for medicine now!
4.      Hesparian
5.      Models of cooperation: Smile Train and local doctors and the need for publicity GREAT info on asking for endowment giving!!!

8.      There is no mention of endowment, and yet they receive endowment. When you do what matters, it comes without asking?

9.      Ponchos for fashion shows for fund raising? Ponchos for support groups for any illness? Poncho Power

10.   MIT Opencourseware: Why use something free like this when I am paying for a community college and getting transcript credit? Why not supplement the courses you pay for with MIT courses? Why not do what they do in other continents and use the best for free instead of using what they can afford?

11.   Join civic groups, yes, but especially United Way. This could make a difference in establishing your nonprofit as legitimate and you may be better able to receive endowments, grants, and PRESS!
Fear Thou Not Buddy System Resource
 Opera concerts w/Georgia State and Atlanta Opera
Benches for jamming
Marietta Jammers
Jazz Call, School Bands, Blue grass ads
Voice Lessons
Busking (First Amendment Right of Free Speech to perform or to teach publicly)

Languages/conversation/Cuddle Party communication workshop I call Hug Story Empowerment
Picnic tables
Safety Awareness businesses
Seamstress: Poncho Power for Cancer/Patients/ feeding/churches/nursing homes
Evangehats/looms for badges for homeless, babies, etc.
Bamboo ( tables, crosses, gardening, MORE)
Homeless and needy: SOAR and United Way packet w/pen, paper/free flyer
Violence Shelter
School and Museums
Global Health and Humanitarian Summit as a movement: BE HUMANITARIAN by your mind choosing to care with your heart and TARRY long enough to find what the other person doesn’t think they want or know they need. Watch the documentary at
Servas for international awareness and hosting visitors from other countries.
African Carnival
Ads for publicity
Injury Control
People protecting people
Crime States (US Justice Stats, FBI, GBI and other states, Rest Stops, path trails)
Ipod earbuds do not increase awareness just as being deaf to the songs of birds will not increase safety.
Kubotan: Amazon
People Protecting People
Doublement, it AIN’t No Gum we are talking about!
New Navy branding: Buddy System
Blogs, Just Yell Fire, Right to Hike, Inc., Fear Thou Not4, AED4.US
Self Defense (esp. Tai Chi)
Products that can help. GPS, Cell Phone, Tazer, Buddy System T-Shirt, Pepper Spray or Ammonia